Want to know THE secret to making your project a success?

Following the right steps. But not just any steps, and not in any order! All right, we’ll tell you everything 

The stages of Design Thinking

The steps we implement as part of our projects are quite simply those of the “Design Thinking” methodology. It’s an approach that focuses on the needs of your users and aims to solve their problems, in order to innovate and gain a competitive edge.  

In the end, our real secret is to respect this methodology and offer you specific services and a team of experts at every stage. And we don’t say this just to look good on our website, but because we really do it.  

You’ll come to us with a project that’s (often) full of uncertainties. You’ll leave with a clear vision and a solution that meets your objectives. 

The stages of your project

Project success comes before development

  • Empathy: We conduct research to better understand your end-users and your business needs.  
  • Definition: We bring together everything we learnt in the previous phase and highlight your users’ issues.  
  • Ideation: We give you a whole host of design ideas, each one crazier than the last, until we find the best ones.  
  • Prototypes: We build the clickable screens of your future solution. We incorporate the best ideas from the previous phase.  
  • Testing: We test the prototypes with your users to get their feedback.  
  • Implementation: Everything is ready for development! 

And then, how do we ensure the quality of developments?

  • All planned developments are broken down into “work phases” and you get a demonstration of what has been developed after each phase. 
  • This gives you the flexibility to make any necessary changes. 
  • Our developments are tested by a team of ISTQB-certified testers.  
  • We comply with all industry best practices in terms of quality, performance, security and accessibility. 
  • Our experts are passionate about what they do, and nothing – or almost nothing – escapes them.  
  • The rules for complying with GDPR hold no secrets for us 

Are you worried that we'll abandon you once the project has been delivered? That's not our style!

Once the project is online and the warranty phase is over, we can sign a maintenance contract for a variable period, depending on your needs. 

We have a dedicated maintenance team who will respond to your requests as quickly as possible.  

We remain at your side to answer any questions you may have, to help you adopt a continuous improvement approach and to develop your solution further.