Nos réalisations parlent pour nous


Développement d’une solution digitale pour le relevé d’index permettant un gain de temps et d’efficacité, pour les gestionnaires et les équipes de terrain


Réalisation de la nouvelle application mobile du journal Sudinfo. Grand succès dès son lancement grâce à sa toute nouvelle ergonomie et plus de fonctionnalités.

Ville de Hannut

Ride & Buy : une application qui récompense les déplacements à pied ou à vélo dans les commerces locaux de la ville.

As experts in the development of complex applications, our mobile team can advise and support you in developing a customised mobile solution. 

Your objective guides our approach. What do you want to achieve?  

  • Facilitate the work of your field teams 
  • Increase the visibility of your content 
  • Help your community exchange information 
  • Develop an innovative new concept 


Do you have other projects? We’d be delighted to hear from you.

Why choose Contraste Digital for your mobile application?

Keep users happy 

An application is useless if it's not used! Your users' needs are at the heart of our concerns. Ergonomics and functionality are designed to ensure that the application is adopted. 

Simplify day-to-day management 

Take advantage of our expertise in application integration. Make your mobile app communicate with the other solutions in your Information System. Simplify your day-to-day management and boost productivity. 

Work with a dedicated team  

you call your plumber with a roofing problemWell, neither do weWe have a dedicated team working on your mobile applications. It's made up of experts in iOS, Android, hybrid technologies and PWA. 

Ask for more 

Would you like those little extras that make all the difference? Benefit from our experience of complex and innovative web and mobile projects. Benefit from advanced functionalities that add value for users. 

AGo beyond your vision 

Do you know exactly what you want? For your benefit, we don't just carry out your requests. We look at different options and choose the one that's right for your business objectives. 

Save time

Because our teams know all there is to know about mobile phones, their usage and technologies, we designe a mobile application that will give you greater responsiveness, real-time data updates and greater reliability. 

Technologies and Solutions

To optimise your mobile application, it’s essential to choose the most appropriate technology for your objectives and constraints. At Contraste Digital, we have expertise in market-standard technologies. 

  • Android (Google) and iOS for native applications 
  • Android in Kotlin 
  • iOS in Swift 
  • iOS UI: SwiftUI 
  • Android UI: Compose