Nos réalisations parlent pour nous


Développement d’une solution digitale pour le relevé d’index permettant un gain de temps et d’efficacité, pour les gestionnaires et les équipes de terrain

Yves Rocher

Développement d’une application web dédiée au réapprovisionnement de plus de 3100 magasins Yves Rocher dans le monde.

Confédération Belge du Cheval

Développement web sur mesure permettant de dématérialiser l’identification des chevaux et de leurs propriétaires


Remplacement de la fiche d’exécution manuelle par une solution digitale complètement intégrée dans le Système d’Information d’InBW.

Web applications specific to your business  

To meet your various challenges, our team develops customised, high-performance, secure solutions that are integrated into your information system.  

Why create a business application tailored to your unique needs?  

  • Stimulate your company’s growth,   
  • Increase your productivity, thanks to an optimal user experience and automated processes  
  • Strengthen your reputation…  

Whether it’s a custom development or a low-code tool, we’ll work with you to create the business solution that’s right for you. 

Why develop your business application with Contraste Digital?

Rely on our experts 

By its very nature, a specific development involves a number of different specialisations. Your project will benefit from a team with experience in a wide range of technologies and skills. 

Put users first 

An application is useless if it's not used! Our aim is to improve the day-to-day lives of your users. Functionality and ease of use are our best chances of boosting adoption of the application. 

Evolve and stay successful 

Your business will continue to grow and adapt.  So will your business applications!  They need to be able to evolve without compromising performance. We guarantee the scalability and upgradability of our solutions. 

Security and compliance 

Protect sensitive data by implementing robust security measures in your business applications. We help you comply with current standards and regulations.  

A modern, integrated solution 

Your information must be coherent, and your solutions interconnected with the rest of the Information System to provide global solutions. Process automation, real-time data exploitation. 

Rest assured 

Your solution is deployed. What happens next? We provide maintenance and support to ensure that your business applications run smoothly over time, with regular updates and assistance in the event of problems. 

Technologies & Solutions

We use a range of industry-standard technologies to develop your custom application:

  • Front-end : HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React.js, jQuery, AngularJS
  • Back-end : Java, Spring, .Net, C#, PHP, Symfony, Python, Node.js, Go
  • Low-code development: Microsoft Power Platform
  • Web services connectors for integration with your ERP, CRM, SharePoint or any other application